All of our functions are governed by the central idea of the "Green Dialysis Center". This idea penetrates all levels of management and remain a conscious choice of our employees. In fact, the "green" process marks a continuous effort to improve the provision of health services to citizens while reducing the ecological footprint of health care units. This is necessary, as it has been scientifically established that there is correlation and interaction between the environment and health services. Thus, the "Agios Panteleimonas" Modern Dialysis Centers, following "green" practices in management strategy and day-to-day operations, link the local needs of social groups to the broader ecological issues that are emerging, helping to prevent and avert environmental hazards.
In particular:


aporimmaton1The company is working on a plan to reduce waste and waste production, which translates into a positive environmental impact. We comply with Law No. 4042/2012 "Penal Protection of the Region - Framework of waste production and management (Harmonization with Directive 2008/99) and Law 4014/2011 "Environmental licensing of projects and activities, regulation of arbitrations in connection with the creation of an environmental balance and other provisions of competence of the Ministry of the Environment".
At the same time there is a permanent contract with a hazardous waste collection company and internal programs for the collection and recycling of batteries, paper packaging, printed material and plastic packaging.

efodiastikh1The logistics chain of our business is organized in a manner that preserves sustainability. The reduction of required environmental resources is achieved through an integrated approach to the supply of materials and services by our suppliers. In this way, any supplier is evaluated for quality, speed of response, time of transport and its integration into our value chain.
• Selection of local suppliers using Just In Time inventory to reduce transport
• Purchase of energy-efficient machinery (dialysis, osmosis, climate control, etc.) and office equipment
• Recycling packaging and reducing internal forms using electronic media
• Collaboration with responsible suppliers that implement procedures for reducing environmental resource consumption and recycling

energeiakh1• The new building that houses the Modern Dialysis Center "Agios Panteleimonas" in Piraeus meet the requirements of KENAK (Regulation of Energy Performance of Buildings 2010) to earn'' A '' rank energy efficiency
• Use of LED lamps for lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces
• We have made structural interventions to the building in Ierapetra that enhance the quality of hospitalization and the sense of comfort provided to patients and staff. Such interventions are exterior painting with cold colors, repair of insulation on the roof and addition of bioclimatic shading system on the main face
• We are now planning to install solar panels on the roof of our buildings so as to switch demand for power consumption from the public electricity network to renewable energy.