1. "You deserve the best"
We believe in people and every day we give our best to improve the quality of life of our patients

2. "Nurture"
We believe in keeping personal contact with our patients and delivering a personalized service. We remain alert, next to our patients, even after the end of the treatment

3. "Responsible Affiliate"
We believe in creating an unbroken value chain with our partners and suppliers so that we maintain cooperative relationships with responsibility and control at every step in order to meet our quality criteria

4. "Ecological operation"
We aim to continuously improve our practices in order to reduce the ecological footprint of our processes. Reduction of solid and liquid waste, reduction of gas emissions, reduction of energy consumption and use of RES

5. "Corporate Responsibility"
We support various local actions by social and cultural bodies. Furthermore through our scientific interconnection with public hospitals we return a dividend to the Public Health System.